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Welcome to Prashant Damle Fan Foundation ...

The idea of Prashant Damle Fans foundation is to add value to Maharashtrians in many possible ways. We are motivated to induce a sense of civic responsibility and to unleash the unseen unknown talents. There are no limitations! Our club is not confirmed to only one activity but engaged in various forms of activities.....

My Dear Friends,
The goal we are aiming at is to bring together those who think "I can make a difference by helping. I can help others in some capacity". The financial support for Fan Foundation comes from passionate individual fans like you…..
It does not matter whether you contribute Rs five or Rs. Five million, what matters is your motive to be a part of the Fan Foundation…. A sincere motive to participate and to encourage a noble cause! Moreover Prashant Damle Fan Foundation is registered(registration number is E-3491)hence donations for foundation are eligible for tax exemption u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act of India.
I believe in the power of working together and therefore I have been very active in efforts to request you all to participate in my rather hereafter our mission. I need your support and your good wishes. Lets work together for each other and for others.

Prashant Damle

Mrs. Amruta Soman
110/2/2, Swaranjali co-op society
B-13, Shivtirthnagar, Kothrud, Pune - 38