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Welcome to Prashant Damle Fan Foundation ...

The idea of Prashant Damle Fans foundation is to add value to Maharashtrians in many possible ways. We are motivated to induce a sense of civic responsibility and to unleash the unseen unknown talents. There are no limitations! Our club is not confirmed to only one activity but engaged in various forms of activities.....

My Dear Friends,
The goal we are aiming at is to bring together those who think "I can make a difference by helping. I can help others in some capacity". The financial support for Fan Foundation comes from passionate individual fans like you…..
It does not matter whether you contribute Rs five or Rs. Five million, what matters is your motive to be a part of the Fan Foundation…. A sincere motive to participate and to encourage a noble cause! Moreover Prashant Damle Fan Foundation is registered(registration number is E-3491)hence donations for foundation are eligible for tax exemption u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act of India.
I believe in the power of working together and therefore I have been very active in efforts to request you all to participate in my rather hereafter our mission. I need your support and your good wishes. Lets work together for each other and for others.



- MÉä±ÉÒ 30 ´É¹ÉÇ ¨É®úÉ`öÒ ®ÆúMɦÉÖ¨ÉÒ´É®ú ºÉÉiÉiªÉÉxÉä Ê´ÉÊ´ÉvÉ |ÉEòÉ®úSªÉÉ ¦ÉÖʨÉEòÉ ´É`ö´ÉÚxÉ VÉÉMÉÊiÉEò Ê´ÉGò¨É Eò®úhÉÉ­-ªÉÉ ¸ÉÒ. |ɶÉÉÆiÉ nùɨɱÉä ÁÉÆSªÉÉ ¨ÉÉMÉÇnù¶ÉÇxÉÉJÉɱÉÒ
T School
¨ÉvÉÒ±É +ʦÉxɪÉÉSªÉÉ |ÉʶÉIÉhÉÉSªÉÉ +¦ªÉɺÉGò¨ÉÉSÉÒ ¨ÉÉÆb÷hÉÒ Eò®úhªÉÉiÉ +ɱÉÒ +ɽäþ.

Painting Exhibition

- Kamayani, Pune is a reputed institution who works for mentally retarded children. Foundation organizes the a painting exhibition in which the painting by these children are displayed.
BENEFICIARIES - Mentally retarded children, their Parents and many such from the Society.

A show of play

- The show of one of my plays is organized for the senior citizens from old age homes.
BENEFICIARIES - Senior Citizens of old age homes.

Natal Hangama

- The children in 8 to 12 age category are given some objects to sell to gear up their marketing capacity.
BENEFICIARIES - Children in 8 to 12 age group and their Parents and the common man.

NDA meet

- The army people are a bit aloof from the society. To overcome this a show of my play is arranged for them with the common audience and one to one dialogue is done in the interval.
BENEFICIARIES - The officers from Army, Navy and Air Force and society

Cancer patients

- Renowned artists are invited to visit CIPLA, a hospital for cancer patients who are at the last stage. One to one conversation is arranged to make them happy.
BENEFICIARIES - Cancer patients and their relatives

Singing Competition

- State level inter-school light vocal competition is organized in 55 cities with 18 main centers. 1236 boys and girls participated from 1947 schools last year. Age group – 12 to 15
BENEFICIARIES - Children, parents, school teachers, music Teachers and the society

Spoken English Classes

- Upgrading the graduates who have secured less than 55% marks for call centers. Already started at NAGPUR. Proposed classes at pune.
BENEFICIARIES - Girls and boys above 18
69 boys and girls already given posting in different Companies.

NRI project

- a project organized to look after the parents of the children settled abroad.
BENEFECIARIES – NRI’S, their parents and the volunteers from first year and second year of colleges.

Event Organising

- Every year one event is organized for fund raising
2007 – “CHIRANTAN” By Pt. Ravishankar
2008 - “ HEART BEATS” By Ustad Zakir Hussain

Army Shows

- 26 Shows of my play names “gela madhav kunikade” have been organized For the fund raising for retired army officers, jawans, widows and infants. These shows are organized on a no loss-no profit understanding.

Prashant Damle